You are currently viewing Sunrise star Monique Wright caught ribbing James Tobin for his outfit live on air

Sunrise star Monique Wright caught ribbing James Tobin for his outfit live on air

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Monique Wright is beloved for her bubbly personality.

But the Sunrise star gave a look at her spicy side on Monday, when she was caught playfully ribbing co-star James Tobin for his outfit choice.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Sunrise host Monique Wright ribs James Tobin for fashion choice.

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Monique was initially called out by co-host Matt Doran, when she compared James’s grey striped shirt to the iconic pyjamas worn by B1 and B2 in the kids’ show, Bananas in Pyjamas.

“Mon, you have broken a new year’s resolution already! She vowed to be nicer but she’s asking if you’re wearing a Bananas In Pyjamas top,” Matt told James, during a live cross.

Matt proceeded to hold-up the Sunrise run sheet, with the question written on it.

Sunrise star Monique Wright got caught playfully mocking weather presenter James Tobin on Monday, joking that his shirt looked similar to the pyjamas on iconic children’s show, Bananas in Pyjamas. Credit: Seven

But Mon quickly clarified she thought James looked great in the shirt.

“JT, it is the best looking Bananas in Pyjamas outfit I have ever seen,” Mon said.

“You can rock that like nobody else!” she added.

James took the joke in stride, saying he was “No.1”, as he replied to Mon and Matt.

“That’s a fair assessment,” he shot back.

“You’re our favourite, B3,” Mon replied.

Matt Doran called Monique out on the hilarious observation, holding-up the run sheet with the question written on it. Credit: Seven

Bananas in Pyjamas is a children’s TV show that first aired in 1992. The characters, B1 and B2, are known for their blue-and-white striped pyjamas.

Mon went on to say how “gorgeous” James is — even in his somewhat questionable shirt — with Matt taking the opportunity to poke fun at her.

“Sounds like you’re making up for lost ground now,” Matt joked.

“You will have to call him privately.”

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